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The Many Use For LED''S

Date:2011-4-3 Hits:6929

The LED, which stands for "Light Emitting Diode" is gaining more and more popularity for use in many applications and appliances. This is due to it''s relative low cost, size and strength of light. Here are some of the many applications and items that use LED''s:

LED Displays

Look around and you''ll see LED signs on many businesses. One great example of LED light use is in Las Vegas. The giant multi color signs flashing messages, video clips and event information are seen outside just about every Las Vegas hotel. Another example is when you go to get gas. It''s likely your gas station, if it was built somewhat recently, has an LED sign that allows the owner to change prices much more easily than the old manual signs made of plastic or metal.

LED Flashlights

From tiny key chain lights to huge, high powered lantern lights, flashlights are one of the most popular uses for LED lights. You may already have some LED flashlights in your home.

LED''s for Traffic Safety

When you pass an area of the highway that is under construction, it''s likely that you''ll see a flashing LED light steering you away from the area.

LED Lights For The Home

LED use is now skyrocketing in popularity in applications for the home. LED is now seen as an alternative to florescent lighting. LED products for use in the home include high output light bulbs, 12 volt DC light bulbs, lighting strips, under cabinet lights, light bars, reading lamps, office lamps, floodlights, security lights, lanterns, emergency lights, head lamps, book lights, solar powered lights, outdoor lights, motion detecting lights as well as many other light products for home use.

LED Novelties

You can find LED''s used in many novelty toys and accessories like glow sticks, for instance. Yes, those sticks of light that you see kids using to go trick or treating on Halloween night, many of them use an LED. In addition, jewelry is a popular way to use LED. You can now see LED''s lighting up items like bracelets, necklaces, earrings, hair accessories and rings. LED''s have also made their way into novelty products like glasses, toy swords, toy guns, charms, wands and cheerleader accessories.

LED''s for the Holidays

The holidays, especially Christmas, are one of the most popular times of the year to use LED lights. If you''ve bought Christmas lights recently, chance are that they are made of LED''s. Another interesting use of LED lights for the holidays is a string of candle lights for the tree. In the old days, people would light their trees up with candles. Putting candles on a Christmas tree is very dangerous. However, with LED''s, you can get the same look without the safety problem.

Surely many more LED applications and products will be available for use in the future.

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