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The LED Advantages

Date:2011-4-3 Hits:6388

LED products have become the common replacement for many types of conventional lighting applications. Below are some of the various advantages of using LED lighting.

Cost Effective
With replacement costs every 10 or more years, low electrical bills and an affordable purchase price, LED Sign Supply products are a very cost effective solution.

Low Energy Consumption
Up to 80% less energy consumption than most traditional lighting products.

Low Heat Signature
Operates at 2 degrees above room temperature on average, reducing the risk of burning or starting fires.

Easy Installation
Can be mounted into most sign cans providing a quick and easy plug and go system.

Being very energy efficient with no wasted light or heat, LED Sign Supply lighting products are one of the most economical signage solutions available today.

LED lights have a very low maintenance record are hard to break or smash, damages and shipping costs are greatly decreased.

Long life
Up to 100,000 hrs life, which is approx 14 years 18hrs per day usage.

Get a competitive edge with greater curve appeal.

Display multiple eye catching advertisements, day or night.

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